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“A fusion of East and West cultures benefits Children and Families”

East-West Kids-Connect was setup in 1995 by founder Mike Sarson to benefit the mental health and well-being of children and families through training in meditation and mindfulness techniques. Meditation gives even very young children, power over their thinking and emotions using enhanced self-understanding and self-acceptance. It is a gentle and effective means of overcoming a wide variety of psychological and behavioural problems. The practical techniques help to manage distractions, stress, anxiety, anger, depression, impulsivity, attachments, and prevent addictions. Other benefits include improved concentration, listening skills, communication skills, creativity, interaction the ability to relax and improved sleep. Such a broad spectrum of benefits highlight the significant potential of meditation as a cost effective form of school based mental health promotion.

Meditation is fully inclusive, respects all faiths and non-faiths and engages with believers and non-believers of any religion or belief system. At the same time it promotes a healthy life-style for the strengthening and well-being of society.  Read more……





World Yoga Festival 2016

The 1st World Yoga Festival will take place on 29-31 July 2016 at Beale Park near Reading UK. The mission is to gather together the world’s greatest collection of teachers in Yoga, Meditation and Wisdom.  Mike Sarson will run family meditation classes as well as meditation for recovery workshops. The charity will have their own marquee at the festival to provide information and meditation sessions as well as sell merchandise to generate income for the charity.



Support us…

There are various ways in which you can support us.  We are now selling a range of lavender health products and T-shirts on-line in order to raise funds. Read more about the ways in which you can help……………..


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