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Evidence suggests there are increasing amounts of distractions in the World, including the internet, mobile phones and other digital gadgets which make it harder to focus and concentrate. Children are taught to connect more with their hearts and the present moment rather than spending too much time in their heads dwelling on the past, thinking of the future and daydreaming.
The charity works with young people in both mainstream and specialist educational settings and families outside  school. This helps improve their quality of life at home, family relationships and life within their community.


Meditation sessions are provided weekly in primary schools for 3 to 11 year-old pupils and outside school to children with their families.  Pure Lavender essential oil is used during each session to increase a sense of calm.  Chimes are used to time each meditation session with a duration of around 1 minute for each year of their age, for example 5 minutes for a 5 year old.  During the meditation period children are requested to keep connecting with their breath which will bring them back to their hearts  each time they get distracted.


Meditation Sessions: Stories are used to illustrate how conditioned we are by the media, advertising in particular, to believe we will only be happy with the latest designer clothes, computer games and toys. Examples are given to explain how we can allow ourselves to become stuck in our heads attached to thoughts, desires and daydreams which can often lead to negative emotions and behaviour. Meditation gives children power over their thinking and emotions which helps them to manage distractions by connecting more to their hearts and love.

Pure Lavender essential oil is used during each session to increase a sense of calm and participants prepare by connecting fully with their senses.  Chimes are used to time each session with the duration of around 1 minute for each year of their age.  Children are taught to pause and connect with the natural rhythm of their breath as an anchor. This exercise will constantly bring them back to their hearts and the present moment each time they get distracted.  Sessions begin with the sitting meditation followed by a lying down meditation and finish with the walking meditation.  Meditation bands are given out at the end of each session for children to wear as a reminder to pause and meditate regularly each day.

 The Future: our aim is to get this simple and effective practice on the National Curriculum to benefit all young people and families in the UK.

This video shows an interview with the Head teacher from St Paul’s Catholic Primary School in Reading on how meditation has helped the focus and performance of their students.

MeditationStPaul'sPrimarySchoolAboutUs Meditation at St. Paul’s Primary School, Reading

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