Lokutara Music Album

Amazing album by Tim Arnold! © TA Music/Tim Arnold 2004.

Tim has kindly donated his excellent album Lokutara to help raise funds for the charity.
The mp3 files below are available for free download but we would naturally be grateful for a donation.

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The miracle of Thamkrabok Monastery’s unique detox program is a phenomenon I am privileged to have taken part in.  I enrolled at the monastery’s treatment centre in 2003, where the monks and nuns taught me new ways of making music. Alongside their bespoke program for treating people suffering with addiction, they helped me to begin turning my life around again by showing compassion towards me during my period of helplessness.
There are numerous reasons why the monastery has such a high success rate of healing their patients.  In my experience, it was their indefatigable mission to treat each patient according to their individual calling in life. For me, that was music, and within a matter of weeks, I was lifted both spiritually and physically onto my life’s path again.  It was a helping hand that I have held tightly onto ever since.  With the encouragement and assistance of the entire community at the monastery, I was able to write and record my first solo album, Lokutara – an autobiographical album and account of my journey out of personal turmoil.  The Buddhist technique’s I was taught during that time are invaluable to us all.
Today, I am proud and delighted to donate my debut solo album Lokutara to East-West Kids-Connect.  Promoting mindfulness and meditation at an early age is key to avoiding the trials of suffering so many of us fall prey to on our way to adulthood. Founder of the organisation – Mike Sarson, is a leading expert in this field.  I am committed to seeing his work supported far and wide and thrilled to be able to contribute with my album that is strongly associated with his tireless efforts to bring Buddhist well-being into our Western culture.