Don’t just take Mike’s word for the efficacy of mindfulness meditation for children – read, hear and see some testimonials.

  1. St. Paul’s Primary School in Reading
  2. Battle Primary Academy, Reading
  3. Redlands Primary School, Reading
  4. Oxford Road Community School
  5. Brookfield Special School
  6. Alok Sharma MP took part in a meditation session
  7. Rob Wilson, MP also took part in a meditation session

Jamie on how he has been helped with his anger management :

A quick selection from our interviews with teachers from St Pauls Catholic Primary School on how meditation has helped the focus and performance of their students:

Testimony from teacher at St. Paul’s Primary School, Reading

“The meditation plays a part in our holistic philosophy that education is more than being able to read and write – it is also about understanding your emotions and understanding yourself.”
Battle Primary Academy Principal, Katy Peters